Devulco RRP™ can be readily used as a cost effective partial substituent of virgin rubber and Carbon Black in rubber compounds. When using Devulco RRP™ for rubber manufacture, the consumption of both virgin rubber and Carbon Black can be significantly reduced. The maximum efficiency is achieved by using Devulco RRP™ as a substitute for NR and SBR types of rubber. Below examples demonstrate how Devulco RRP™ formulations of conventional composition affect the physical and mechanical properties of rubber.

Apparently, when using Devulco RRP™ , tensile strength and elongation at break can be significantly improved compared to conventional ground tire tread rubber. Tensile strength is equivalent to or higher than that, which can be achieved with the conventional rubber reclaim, widespread in industry. Relative elongation at break is also better than that achievable in formulations with finest grades of ground tire tread rubber.

The hardness and elasticity of rubber formulations with Devulco RRP™ varies approximately in the same manner as those in ground tire rubber formulations.

Rheological characteristics and the vulcanization kinetics change only slightly, if amounts of Devulco RRP™ are not large. At higher treat rates it is recommended to adjust the formulations accordingly.