JSC „Devulco“ – leader in rubber devulcanization technology!

Possible recycling of rubber from old tires and other rubber products has been investigated for many decades, but an undoubtedly advantageous and broadly recognized technology has not yet emerged. JSC “Devulco”, using productive RESEARCH COLLABORATION created an exclusive innovative method of rubber recycling based on tribologic / mechanochemical processing of rubber. In 2012 the industrial production of reclaim powder (Devulco RRP™) started based on the following two principles:


As a result of these properties, Devulco RRP™ can be used as a cost-effective and technologically sound SUBSTITUTE for virgin rubber and Carbon Black.

Continuing to invest in its own center of technological research and talented engineering personnel, JSC “Devulco” remains open for innovation and for further development of technologies of rubber recycling.

Our technology has the following main advantages:

  • QUALITY: The use of our technology makes it possible to achieve a high level of devulcanization without significant reduction in the quality of polymers of source rubber.
  • FLEXIBILITY: our technology can be used for fractionation and devulcanization of various rubber products, no matter if they are made of natural, synthetic or mixed rubbers.
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Our technology is based on a specially streamlined processing equipment, which completely eliminates the use of solvents and high temperatures. This makes the process very economical and reliable, enabling the conversion of more than 90% of incoming rubber into a product during one stage.
  • ECO-FRIENDLINESS: The process of devulcanization is very compatible environmentally: clean, non-toxic, waste-free and nature-preserving. In addition, the process does not require heating or high temperature processing, so energy consumption and CO2 emissions are low.