Currently for the manufacture of RRP™ products JSC “Devulco” uses a raw material of tire tread buffings, delivered by different suppliers. However, as a result of R&D efforts of JSC “Devulco” and its partners a highly innovative technology has been developed for separating loose rubber from whole tires. This technology is based on the effects of ozone, through which almost all the rubber from the tire is separated from the metal and plastic cords without considerable mechanical processing, while accepted worldwide methods for removing rubber from tires require particularly intensive mechanical involvement. It should also be emphasized that the tire tread buffings usually comprise only a tenth of the total amount of rubber, available in a whole tire. Consequently, when using the ozone, nearly all rubber contained in a tire can be effectively separated.

In partnership with JSC “Gumos Technologijos”, ozonation of tires has already been installed into the pilot production line. The resulting ozonized rubber is then passed through the lines of devulcanization and fractionation. Obtained ozonized reclaim can also be used for rubber recycling.