The main reasons to use RRP™ in rubber products are the reduction of raw material costs and preservation of natural resources. Utilization of RRP ™ can also significantly reduce the consumption of virgin rubber and Carbon Black in the product.

Below example demonstrates how the raw material cost can be reduced by 30% with the utilization of RRP™ . The obtained formulation contains 30% less Carbon Black and 40% less Natural Rubber compared to the control formulation.

Composition of the RRP™ – based rubber formulation (phr):

SVR CV60 33,300% 100
RRP NR-20 mesh 33,300% 100
N-330 22,341% 67
Oil SN 150 5,540% 17
ZnO 1,660% 5
Stearic acid 1,100% 3,3
S 1,000% 3
CBS 0,670% 2
TMQ 0,550% 1,7
IPPD 0,420% 1,3
TMTD 0,110% 0,3

The formulation was prepared in such a manner that the amounts of virgin rubber and RRP™ were equal (at 100 phr each), the amount of Carbon Black was reduced and the rest of additives retained the same respective percentages.

Typical technical parameters of this formulation (8 min vulcanization at 150°C temperature):

Tensile strength, N/mm2 Elongation at break, % Shore A, SHE
15,8 380 70