Waste tires represent one of the most problematic sources of nature contamination. In the event of fire, environment pollution is particularly adverse. If disposed in wilderness, tires do not decompose, moreover, they contribute to the spread of mosquitoes and other insects. Most of the waste tires, collected by authorized entities, are utilized as fuel supplements, so their added value is not high.

JSC "Devulco" offers a clean and cost-effective technology to obtain much higher added value from old tires and waste rubber. When using the rubber recycling method, based on the mechanochemical interaction of devulcanizing agents with rubber polymers, which was developed by the JSC "Devulco", the product can be used again in the rubber manufacture as a partial substitute for virgin rubber and Carbon Black.

Seeing an analogy with paper recycling, Devulco RRP™ is an environmentally beneficial product with high added value, despite the fact that its raw material represents one of the most problematic types of rubber waste.